Wolverine (55t)
Model by Primus

The Kallon Industries' Wolverine represents a relatively successful attempt to marry speed with striking power. A comparatively fast 'Mech capable of taking considerable damage while remaining operational, the Wolverine now serves in Successor State medium and recon lances. Its long and impressive history spans both the Star League and the era of the Succession Wars. As a fast, medium recon vehicle, the Wolverine does not have impressive armor, which is as it should be. In combination with the medium laser and SRM launcher, the Whirlwind autocannon provides firepower adequate to allow the Wolverine to cover its own retreat or to support the advance or retreat of other 'Mechs. Despite its originally limited role, the Wolverine has proved to be a versatile BattleMech, suited to many different tasks. Early Wolverines were armed with only the Whirlwind autocannon and a single medium laser. The Harpoon 6-rack SRM launcher was later added to increase the 'Mech's firepower at close range.
Originally intended to provide a full 360-degree firing arc, the ball-turret mounting of the Magna medium laser cannon is noteworthy. The weapon's traverse became restricted, however, when the shoulder-mounted Harpoon and the Tek BattleCom electronics blister were later added on. A fire-interrupt circuit also had to be added to prevent MechWarriors from damaging their own vehicles.
The Wolverine is one of the heaviest 'Mechs to carry jump jets, and the Northrup 12000 engines must labor considerably to lift the 55-ton vehicle into the air. The jump jets are thus prone to breakdown, forcing House Kurita, for example, to scrap the jets altogether.
Wolverines are often deployed in recon lances to perform hazardous scouting missions into heavily defended areas, where lighter Wasps or Locusts would be at a disadvantage. Along with other medium recon vehicles such as the Griffin, the Wolverine has seen constant service since the start of the Successor States era.