Whitworth (40t)
Model by Primus BuS
The Whitworth was first built in 2610 as a scout 'Mech intended to fill the gap between the light Wasp and the medium Phoenix Hawk. Whitworth's development program soon produced a well-armed, versatile vehicle. Although slower than other scout 'Mechs, the Whitworth made up for it with the protection given by its excellent Durallex Light armor.
Initially armed with Harpoon-6 SRM launchers, Whitworths were often drawn into close-range combat with larger 'Mechs that invariably destroyed or badly damaged them. This led to the replacement of the SRM by the Longbow LRM to encourage fighting at less devastating ranges. Known to critics and admirers alike as the "Tin Woodsman" the Whitworth served throughout the Age of War and then in Star League scout units thereafter.