Warhammer II C (80t)
Model by Primus

The Warhammer was originally designed as an assault 'Mech. Years later the Warhammer would be eclipsed by heavier 'Mechs, but it still retains its reputation as one of the most powerful weapon platforms at a commander's disposal.
The Warhammer's winning combination of speed and firepower has kept it in the arsenal of every Successor Lord. Because its frame is strong enough to take many common modifications without losing fighting capacity, countless common variants of the original design appear on battlefields.

The Clans have wisely maintained and built on this solid foundation by transforming the Warhammer into a true assault 'Mech, adding ten tons of weight but retaining its speed and firepower. Unlike most of Clan technology, however, there is nothing unique on the Warhammer. Everything on it can be matched by the Inner Sphere; the catch is that the Clans have fit it all into one 'Mech, a feat that currently eludes Inner Sphere manufacturers.
The result of this design expertise is a very powerful and dangerous 'Mech, capable of holding its own on any battlefield in the Inner Sphere. Clan PPCs inflict a massive 50 percent more damage than the comparable Successor State versions. Firepower added to extraordinarily accurate SRM launchers, backed up by five medium pulse lasers, overwhelm any 'Mech opponent of equal or lesser tonnage.

Any of the Successor Houses would have been ruined by the staggering losses the Com Guards inflicted on the Clans during the fighting on Tukayyid. Now the Inner Sphere wonders how long it will take the Clans to replace their depleted materiel. While OmniMechs are the leading edge of the Clan military and showed the greatest loss in the invasion, the existence of large numbers of efficient second-line machines such as the Warhammer continues to pose a considerable threat.