Vindicator (45t)
Model by Primus
Much like the old joke about the camel, the VND-1R Vindicator is the product of compromise and not inspiration. The Vindicator was designed and built in 2826, during the lull between the First and Second Succession Wars. After suffering massive losses in 'Mechs and 'Mech fabrication plants during the First Succession War, Capellan Confederation designers created this 'Mech to fit as many roles as possible, and it is capable of fire support, point defense and offensive roles, though it performs all of those roles in lackluster fashion.
Despite its mediocre performance, the Vindicator does have one great strength: its manufacturer, Ceres Metal Industries. Because this conglomerate wields such great industrial might, it can produce Vindicators quickly. Except for the small laser, all 'Mech systems are produced on Capella. Thus, the Vindicator is one of the few 'Mechs that can claim to have readily available replacement parts.
Though not fast, the Vindicator is jump-capable. The Vindicator's armor arrangement also received special attention. Carrying more armor than a Phoenix Hawk, the Vindicator has good overall protection, especially on the rear torso and legs.