Urbanmech II C (30t)
Model by Primus
The UrbanMech was never very popular with ’MechWarriors in the Inner Sphere, but the UrbanMech IIC has found a home in several Clans' second-line and freebirth units. The UrbanMech IIC is most popular with Clan Coyote, who have the only manufacturing plant in Clan space producing this 'Mech. :
While Clan Coyote scientists were designing the OmniMech, the Coyote technician caste was looking at ways to upgrade the Coyotes' existing 'Mechs. The UrbanMech was the engineers' first such project. They began by reviewing battlevids from the Amaris Civil War to get a complete picture of the ’Mech's limitations.
They first changed the UrbanMech by replacing the old Leenex 60 series engine with a more powerful Model XT4 90 series engine, increasing the UrbanMech’s speed by more than 50 percent. Next, the techs replaced the jump jets with the newer Light Mk. II series, increasing the jump range from sixty to ninety meters. Next. they reviewed the weapons, replacing the old Imperator autocannon with an Ultra 10 autocannon, and the Harmon light laser with an extended-range small laser. Finally, the designers added CASE to the right torso of the ’Mech to protect the pilot in case of an ammunition explosion. To make up for the increased weight, the UrbanMech IIC is equipped with ten standard heat sinks, rather than the double heat sinks customary in Clan machines.
The newly christened UrbanMech IIC made an impact the first time it entered combat. Clan Burrock attempted to acquire Coyote genetic material by raiding the Coyotes’ repository on Valin. Though caught off guard by the raid, the Eighteenth Assault Cluster from Lambda Galaxy won the right to fight the Burrock warriors. Fighting in the close confines of Mecca City, the warriors of the Eighteenth proved the UrbanMech IIC's worth by repeatedly rounding the corners of buildings, firing on the Burrock ’Mechs and jumping away. After a drawn-out fight, the Burrock warriors withdrew from the field without ever reaching the Coyotes' repository.