Turkina (95t)
Model by Primus BuS

Clan Jade Falcon uses the massive, jump-capable assault OmniMech named the Turkina in situations other Clans might address with a Dire Wolf (Daishi). The addition of jump jets as standard equipment marks this OmniMech as unique among the Clans. The Clans build few jump-capable 'Mechs, instead taking advantage of the OmniMech's modular nature to add jump jets when required by the current mission and configuring extra weapons when jump jets are not necessary. The most common configuration of the Turkina is equipped with two racks of long-range missile launchers, two LB-X class autocannon, and two improved PPCs. This flexible mix of weapons systems gives the Turkina exactly twice the punch packed by the primary configuration of the Thor and adds just more than 40 percent the Thor's weight. Current reports show the Turkina to be deployed only with Clan Jade Falcon, though earlier reports claimed that Smoke Jaguar units were also using this 'Mech.