Trebuchet (50t)
Model by Primus
Corean Enterprises constructed the Trebuchet (or Trenchbucket) from 2780 to 2845 as a mainline medium 'Mech. With the long-range punch of its twin Zeus LRM-15s and the short-range power of its three Magna Mark II medium lasers, the Trebuchet is a dangerous opponent at any range.
Because it was never intended to operate far from its supply lines, the Trebuchet received only eight reloads for each of its missile racks. This limited ammunition supply can become a serious problem if the Trebuchet is trapped behind enemy lines.
The Trebuchet was designed first and foremost to be a member of a lance. It was expected to perform two functions: long-range bombardment and close range fire support. While it was not possible to maximize both functions in a single 'Mech, the Trebuchet is a fine blend of both.
The key to this 'Mech's success lies in its ability to hit and damage an enemy 'Mech before the opponent can return fire. Although it does not carry enough ammunition to cripple an opponent at long range, it can "soften up" the enemy. This is useful against heavy 'Mechs, such as the Marauder and the BattleMaster, that lack LRM racks of their own.
The Trebuchet is equally ready to support the lance in close-range combat. Its three medium lasers inflict the most damage at ranges of ninety meters or less. Most importantly, the Trebuchet's ten heat sinks allow it to fire its three lasers continuously while traveling at cruising speed. This 'Mech can launch a formidable physical attack against most opponents. Although lacking the weight of a Warhammer, its punch or kick can be crippling, particularly to lighter 'Mechs.