Toyama (75t)
Model by Primus BuS
The Toyama was designed and built for the Word of Blake following their exodus to Gibson. Unlike many other new Word of Blake 'Mechs, the Toyama was designed by an outsider – Dr. Thaddeus Anable, a military technology consultant with the Free Worlds League's Heliopolis design labs. As part of an arrangement with Captain-General Thomas Marik, Anable passed the design to the Word of Blake, who put it into production in early 3057. Designed as a multi-purpose 'Mech, the Toyama can engage in extended operations without resupply. Its main weapons are a pair of Diverse Optics Sunbeam extended-range large lasers mounted in the right arm. A Doombud LRM-20 in the torso and an Imperator Code Red autocannon in the left arm provide additional firepower in short engagements. With storage capacity for two full tons of autocannon ammunition, the Toyama can carry a mix of rounds, allowing the pilot to tailor the ’Mech's loadout to his own preference or mission requirements. A cluster of lasers in the 'Mech’s torso provides additional firepower, though their effective range is less than 300 meters and their tracking capabilities are limited. The Toyama also carries a state-of-the-art defense measure in the right torso: the Guardian ECM system, which limits the effectiveness of advanced targeting and tracking systems used in close proximity to the 'Mech. The original design called for an anti-missile system to be installed alongside the ECM system, but space considerations ultimately caused the designers to omit the anti-missile system in favor of a larger LRM launcher. To date, the Toyama has been deployed only with the Word of Blake Militia.