Thug (80t)
Model by Primus

Originally introduced in 2572 as a replacement for the Warhammer, the THG-10E Thug admirably fulfilled the role of an all-purpose assault 'Mech. Using the maxim "the best defense is a strong offense" as a design parameter, the designers kept the Warhammer's firepower while strengthening the new BattleMech's armor protection. Earthwerks has not allowed the post-Star League degradation of Inner Sphere technology to hurt the Thug much. Earthwerks designers replaced the original Thug's specialized ammunition storage bins with traditional ammo bins and more armor; they have also replaced the lightweight armor previously used on the Thug and other 'Mechs with armor common to all armies of the Inner Sphere. The net result is a 'Mech no less effective in combat, though the pilot is considerably less safe should the 'Mech's ammunition be hit in combat or cook off from overheating. The Thug is an impressive design that has withstood the vagaries of battle for centuries. Its heat sinks allow it to sustain a continual barrage from its twin PPCs, and it has enough armor to survive any return fire. Should enemies close with the Thug, its pilots can engage their twin SRM launchers or devastate opponents with crippling physical attacks.
In general, Thug pilots initially remain at long range to support their lancemates and pummel the enemy with the 'Mech's twin Donal PPCs, one of which is mounted in each arm.
Because they are built to last, these BattleMechs see almost constant battle. The original equipment of the Thug has had to be replaced over the years as parts become worn beyond repair or were destroyed outright. Ironically, technicians have had to modify stockpiled supplies for the Warhammer to replace the Thug's weapons. Newer Thugs are now built with these parts, eliminating the need for extensive field modifications to make the weapons fit their new housings.