Tarantula (25t)
Model by Primus

The success of the Goliath has prompted Corean Enterprises to take another look at four-legged 'Mech designs. In an effort to avoid the problems shown by the poorly regarded Scorpion, the designers decided on an entirely new purpose for the quad chassis. Intended to serve as a light recon 'Mech, the Tarantula is the first four-legged design to mount jump jets.

Corean designers decided to take advantage of the stability and maneuverability provided by a four-legged chassis to build an extremely agile recon 'Mech. The resulting design combined the squat, four-legged look of the Scorpion with the sleek lines of the Mercury. The noticably comfortable ride, improved stability and handling are subtle but key factory in winning pilots over to this unusual design. In fact, once a pilot grows accustomed to the different feel of a four-legged 'Mech, the Tarantula is clearly superior to a bipedal 'Mech such as the Spider.

Source: Technical Readout 3055 Upgrade
1 Streak SRM 2
2 Medium Lasers