Tarantula (25t)
Model by Primus
inspired from a model by Brian Coss
The success of the Goliath has prompted Corean Enterprises to take another look at four-legged 'Mech designs. Intended to serve as a light recon 'Mech, the Tarantula is the first four-legged design to mount jump jets. Corean designers decided to take advantage of the stability and maneuverability provided by a four-legged chassis to build an extremely agile recon 'Mech. The resulting design combined the squat, four-legged look of the Scorpion with the sleek lines of the Mercury. Naturally, there are many skeptics who doubt that a four-legged design can ever compete with the more traditional 'Mechs. Old habits die hard, and it will be difficult for most MechWarriors to drop preconceived notions based on the old Scorpion design. Those who can will discover a startling new 'Mech of unsurpassed agility and a low profile particularly well-suited to recon and surveillance.