Talon (35t)
Model by Primus BuS

Fast, well-armed, and heaviliy armored, the Talon was designed to completment the SLDF's Mongoose light command 'Mech. Though the Talon weighs ten tons more than the Mongoose, it is just as fast as the smaller 'Mech. With a top speed of more than 130 kph, the Talon is one of the fastest of the Star League-era 'Mechs, surpassed only by the Hussar and the Hermes. The BattleMech's primary weapon is an extended-range PPC, which gives the Talon excellent striking power at all ranges. Rounding out the Talon's weapons are two medium lasers. After witnessing the Talon's impressive combat trials in the fall of 2669, the Star League High Command ordered the 'Mech into full-scale production. In may of 2670, the Talon reached the first frontline light 'Mech companies. In 2815 the last Talon production facility vanished in a thermonuclear fireball, and by 2830 the last known Talon had been cannibalized for parts. In 3056 Blackstone opened a new Talon production line, though the company has yet to begin full-scale production.