Strider (40t)
Model by Primus BuS
The Strider is House Kurita’s medium-class OmniMech. Based on the Cicada, the Strider represents a solid, if uninspired, design. Like most medium ’Mechs, the Strider is too heavy to run away from trouble and too light to stand up to sustained combat. The Cicada’s major advantage was its speed, an advantage that the Strider sacrifices for dubious gains in armor protection and firepower. The Strider's twelve tons of weapon space is a significant increase over the firepower available in the basic Cicada design, but not a major advantage when compared to the capabilities of other 40- to 50-ton ’Mechs. The Strider is as well-armored as some heavy ’Mechs, which makes it tougher but also slows it down and subjects it to more danger. Strider ’Mechs appear primarily in DCMS forces, either as lance command vehicles or partnered with Owens OmniMechs. They also form the recon elements of heavy or assault battalions. While some Striders have entered service with the Federated Commonwealth and the Lyran Alliance, the Combine has given priority to their own internal needs.