Starslayer (50t)
Model by Primus BuS
In response to orders from General Aleksandr Kerensky for the production of a new medium 'Mech, Blue Shot Weaponry was awarded a contract in 2765 to build the Starslayer for the SLDF. However, the numerous delays that plagued Blue Shot throughout the 'Mech's production run prevented it from being built in great numbers. By the time the bugs had been worked out, the SLDF was embroiled in the Amaris Civil War, and more Starslayers ended up in storage than on the front lines. These hidden Starslayers later became a boon to House and mercenary units that stumbled on them. Recent versions of the Starslayer replace the standard chassis with endo steel, making the 'Mech both lighter and sturdier. Built to be rugged and dependable, the Starslayer was intended for garrison, mop-up, and recon duties. The designers at Blue Shot used well-established technologies in an effort to make the Starslayer easy to maintain and to allow the 'Mech to remain in the field for long periods. Two large lasers give the Starslayer its heavy firepower, backed up by two medium lasers and a small laser. An SRM-4 missle pack enables the Starslayer to engage in close fighting, and CASE protects the pilot from ammo explosions.