Stalker (85t)
Model by Primus BuS
A well-known assault 'Mech, the Stalker was first produced in 2594, just prior to the Reunification War. To make it as effective as possible in all kinds of combat, the Stalker's designers gave it a varied array of weapons with differing optimal ranges. Though the Stalker ended up with far more weapons than could safely be fired in a single salvo, the variation in range and type gave the 'Mech's pilots unprecedented choices of response to enemy fire. The Stalker also had a top-of-the-line fire-control system; the advanced computer system determined a target's range and suggested the optimum mix of weapons. The original Stalker design represents BattleMech technology at its height. Few modern Stalkers retain the original computer equipment so vital to this 'Mech's proper operation in battle. The latter-day Stalker is still a fearsome 'Mech, but without the advanced computer, pilots must be cautious not to overuse their 'Mech's tremendous firepower.