Solitaire (25t)
Model by Primus

Always flying in the face of convention, the Diamond Sharks have begun deploying this non-Omni Battlemech in frontline-units. The Solitaire is highly regarded as a fierce advance-deployed unit. It is designed to approach with incredible speed and tear up enemy units before the main engagement commences. Capable of threatening even an unwary assault 'Mech, the Solitaire can outrun almost any other design, slashing across battlefields at speeds just over 160 kph. With ninety-six percent of its maximum armor, this design can take a few hard-hitting shots before feeling threatened - if an enemy can track the twenty-five ton blur. And it often gives better than it receives. With a quartet of heavy lasers ranging from the smallest size to the largest, the Solitaire can take an incredible bite out of any enemy.