Shootist (70t)
Model by Primus BuS

Although the Shootist was initially tagged as a command 'Mech by its Star League creators, its electronic equipment soon gave way to a new generation of more sophisticated active probes and electronic countermeasures. However, the 'Mech's reliable delivery systems made it a valuable all-around machine, and the Star League Army continued to order Shootists. With good speed for its size and an ample weapons bay, the Shootist became the perfect 'Mech to provide maximum firepower for heavy lances engaged in close combat. Modern-day Shootist pilots among the Com Guards routinely seek the largest opponent on the battlefield and engage it as quickly as possible. Though it has existed for centuries, the Shootist never appeared in great numbers. Even during the height of production, construction of this 'Mech barely kept up with combat losses, and few intact Shootists survived anywhere in the Inner Sphere save in ComStar's storage bays. ComStar's use of the Shootist in the battle for Tukayyid introduced the 'Mech to most Inner Sphere armies for the first time since the earliest Succession Wars. Just as they did in the days of the Star League, these 'Mechs lead the charge of heavy lances and acted as the Com Guard's vanguard when engaging the Clans.