Shadow Hawk II C (45t)
Model by Primus

The Shadow Hawk was designed to fulfill a diverse number of operational roles, from fast strikes to fire support missions. The Clans, with their unique combat requirements, have taken this 'Mech and transformed it into an entirely different machine.
In the Inner Sphere the Shadow Hawk forms part of a trio of classic 55-ton 'Mechs, sharing common parts with the Griffin and Wolverine. This interchanging capability adds to operational flexibility in the field. The Clans again configure it as a lighter machine and customize the 'Mech for a particular role. Like the Clan Griffin, this 'Mech is smaller than the original; a faster 'Mech with armor and firepower comparable to the Inner Sphere version. By reducing mass but retaining the protection and armament, the Clans have created a cost-effective weapons platform.
Two medium pulse lasers in the arms and an extended range medium laser in the head gives this version of the Shadow Hawk a good range of combat options. The two Streak SRM-2 launchers in each of the side torso sections add considerable offensive punch. An extended range small laser in the center torso provides some anti-infantry capability.
Clan Shadow Hawk pilots have greater control over heat build-up during combat through a wide range of offensive options. Analysis shows that the 'Mech must jump and fire all the weapon systems simultaneously to build up any significant heat. This 'Mech showed up in the conflict on Twycross, though no notable engagements were recorded against this design at that time because OmniMechs were dominant in the Clan arsenal. Since Tukayyid, the Clans have reinforced front-line units with older 'Mechs, and raiding has put this machine into action against Inner Sphere forces.