Scorpion (55t)
Model by Peer Risch
Edited by Primus

When Brigadier introduced the Scorpion Class, the 'Mech received mixed reviews. The Scorpion was the dreamchild of Dr. David Harrison, who projected that a four-legged 'Mech would offer greater movement flexibility in combat. Unfortunately, the Scorpion proved to be more of a target than a fire platform against BattleMechs of the same weight class. As an infantry support vehicle, however, it proved to be effective because it could move faster than most common tanks and carry much more firepower. As the saying goes, 'Piloting a Scorpion is like strapping yourself to a raging bull.' It is true that the SCP-1N does not move as smoothly as a two-legged 'Mech. A ride will often toss the pilot about violently.
The Scorpion does not carry a great deal of firepower because much of its space is allocated to control devices and to the special gyros that keep the 'Mech functional. These gyros are so advanced that the 'Mech can move as long as two of its four legs are still functioning. However, this also depends on the skill of the pilot.
The 'Mech's crab-like stance makes it stand out in a battlefield. It moves like a spider and can pivot much faster than other 'Mechs. The Scorpion's specially constructed heat sinks are distributed in all four legs, allowing the 'Mech to vent nearly twice as much heat, even when standing in shallow water.
The Anderson Armaments PPC proved to be the Scorpion's stinger. Many consider the sturdy design to be the best weapon produced by the firm.
The Scorpion's history is tainted with stories of how the middle weight 'Mech falls so easily in fighting. Though some of these stories are true, they do not provide an accurate picture of this 'Mech's true capabilities.