Savage Coyote (85t)
Model by Primus
For many years Coyote warriors, appalled by the gradual erosion of influence their Clan has experienced, have clamored for newer and more capable military hardware. Only with such new equipment, they argued, would they be able to regain the initiative and reclaim the status their Clan once held. For the most part, their arguments fell on deaf ears, at least until Sullivan Koga was elected Khan in 3052.
Soon after, the Coyote scientist caste, as a part of Koga’s plan to reorganize and revitalize her Clan, began a number of new development programs. The first product was the Canis, a new second-line BattleMech that entered service more than three years ago. The Savage Coyote is another successful product of those programs, an OmniMech based on the chassis of the Canis and taking advantage of the hard lessons learned during that Mech’s rapid development and deployment. Integral to the Savage Coyote’s design is the latest design success to come from Clan Coyote’s development programs: the Advanced Tactical Missile System. Conceived of as an assault Mech in every sense of the word, the Savage Coyote mounts fifteen tons of armor, yet its extra-light fusion plant allowed the designers to devote more than half the Mech’s mass to armaments. The primary configuration, mounting two massive ATM-12 launchers backed up by a ER PPC, an LB 10-X autocannon and a cluster of small and medium lasers, is devoted to ranged combat. The Alpha variant is geared more toward a ferocious close-range combat style, equipped with jump jets, pulse lasers and three ATM-6 racks. The Beta variant appears to be a compromise between the others, with a strong long-range punch comprised of large lasers as well as six small pule laser for close-in fighting. Flexible as they are, the four ATM-3 launchers can effectively support either range bracket provided the right ammunition is on hand.
With each of three main configuration in service mounting multiple ATM launching racks, the Savage Coyote is undoubtedly going to serve as the proof-of-concept for this new weapon system. Considering the successes this new Omni-Mech has enjoyed on the battlefields of Kerensky’s Cluster, the ATM will undoubtedly become a mainstay weapon for the Clans.