Rabid Coyote (55t)
Model by Primus

A Warden Clan that once dominated Clan space only to wane now as a setting sun, Clan Coyote has struggled much in recent years not to go silently into the night. Though the Canis and Savage Coyote proved devastating in combat, their sheer lack of speed more often than not left these powerful additions to the Coyote Touman impotent against the opposition. Even with the Clan's resources running low, a new development project to address the mobility problem and still deliver the Clan's latest weapons systems to the fields began immediately - the Rabid Coyote entered service in 3066.
The Rabid Coyote was designed with the conflicting considerations of cost and mobility in mind. Built as a second-line design in the Clan that created the Omnimech, the Rabid Coyote's armament centers on the ATM system, backed up by paired medium pulse lasers in each arm.

Source: Technical Readout 3067
1 Advanced Tactical Missile-12 Launcher
4 Medium Pulse Lasers