Quickdraw (60t)
Model by Primus
First produced in 2779, the QKD-4G Quickdraw was assigned to very few 'Mech regiments before the start of the Succession Wars in 2786. In the centuries since then, however, it has turned up in all five Successor State militaries. Originally designed as a replacement for the Rifleman, the Quickdraw never actually supplanted the older 'Mech, but its enormous firepower and solid armor protection quickly earned it acceptance and respect among many MechWarriors. The Quickdraw is armed for medium- and short range combat. It carries one Omicron 4000 medium laser in each arm and the remaining two in the right torso, giving it a field of fire at all angles. The arm actuators are modified to bend to the rear, meaning that the Quickdraw can fire two lasers to the rear if the pilot so wishes. The 'Mech also mounts a Delta Dart LRM 10-rack and the Hovertec SRM 4.