Puma (35t)
Model by Primus BuS
Inner Sphere MechWarriors nicknamed this 'Mech the Puma as a tribute to its ferocity. Though light and fast enough for scouting missions, the Puma can stand up to many Inner Sphere medium 'Mechs. It packs exceptional firepower for a light 'Mech, and many MechWarriors in the Successor States got a nasty surprise the first time they faced it in battle. The flamer in the Puma's center torso is one of the few fixed weapons on an OmniMech. When a Puma pilot expects heavy combat, he uses the 'Mech's most common configuration - double particle projection cannons, one in each arm. The PPCs deliver heavy damage, and the advanced targeting computer gives them devastating accuracy. The Puma sees widespread use among all the Clans, though it rarely serves as a reconnaissance 'Mech. Clan Wolf makes greater use of the Puma than the other Clans do, often assigning it to scouting missions. As a fire-support 'Mech, it serves with Stars of all compositions.