Piranha (20t)
Model by Primus BuS
The Piranha, like the Diamond Shark Clan that uses it, is something of an enigma. Though this light 'Mech offers superior speed and maneuverability, the Piranha is armed with a weapon load more suited to an attack unit than a recon unit. Also, this 'Mech would seem to operate at peak efficiency when using the "pack' tactics common to the Inner Sphere, as its name implies, but none have been sighted attacking in such a way. As the Piranha has rarely been seen in combat, observers can only guess at its true capabilities. A large XL engine and powerful legs give the Piranha an astounding running speed, allowing it to close quickly with the enemy and bring its impressive number of heavy machine guns to bear. Such a large array of machine guns can be deadly to units twice the Piranha's size, especially if the small 'Mech can run behind the enemy. At short range, a Piranha can chew through any opponent's back armor almost instantly. The machine guns are also extremely potent antipersonnel weapons. Because the Clans rarely use unarmored infantry, it is safe to assume the Piranha was created in direct response to battles with Inner Sphere forces.
Questions about this 'Mech may never be resolved, because the last of these 'Mechs disappeared along with the rest of Clan Diamond Shark's military after the Battle of Tukayyid.