Wolverine (55t)
Model by Primus

Mauled in the Ghost Bear War, the DCMS was starved of vital equipment by the loss of Marduk and Al Na'ir to Duke Sandoval's Draconis March forces. Following the recapture of Victory Industries on Marduk in mid-3064, Theodore Kurita called upon the Combine weapons industries to redouble their efforts. Inspired by Vicore Industries, Victory Industries scoured the Combine for old Wolverines and performed a factory refit, significantly increasing the 'Mech's production. By 3067 the Combine was virtually picked clean, but the Wolverine was well received, prompting Victory Industries to manufacture the design from scratch.
Faced with a nightmare hodge-podge of field modifications and jury-rigging, the refit team established a triage line; 'Mechs requiring minimal work were processed first. Those in the worst shape supplied parts for the others. Rather than work around a lifetime of patched and repaired armor to get at internal systems, each chassis was striped.

The primary lasers or autocannon armaments were replaced with an ER PPC (a weapon in plentiful supply following the Panther upgrade debacle) and an ER medium laser mounted in an under-slung weapon mount on the right arm. A head-mounted medium pulse laser and a shoulder-mounted Streak-6 rounded out the new weapon configuration. While CASE protects the Wolverine from complete destruction following a catastrophic ammunition explosion, the use of an XL power plant often results in the Wolverine receiving disabling engine damage. In order to speed production, the armor system was designed to make the re-armoring process as quickly as possible. Concerns over the efficiency of the revised armor layout were soon laid to rest, but gave refitted Wolverines a very different profile.
While units like the Sword of Light and Genyosha turned up their noses at the idea of reconditioned equipment, other units couldn't afford to be so fastidious. The Ghost Regiments and the Legion of Vega received the first shipments of the new Wolverine, though many other Combine units accepted the design after the fine showing it made on Al Na'ir as a heavy scout and raider. With the supply of old chassis drying up, Victory Industries developed an endo steel chassis for a new variant designed for close combat. The WVR-8C mounts two Streak-6 launchers and large, medium and small pulse lasers combined with a C3 slave unit, but carries less armor, only thirteen heat sinks and lacks CASE.
The Federated Suns attempted to copy the Combine's refit program by producing two versions at Kallon Industries on Talon.

Source: Technical Readout Project Phoenix
1 Light ER PPC
1 Medium Pulse Laser
1 SRM-6
1 ER Medium Laser