Warhammer (70t)
Model by Primus

Like the Marauder, the Warhammer is one of the most feared BattleMechs ever designed. Throughout its more than five centuries of history, many a weak-spirited warrior has run from the sight of a "Hammer" bearing down on them. StarCorps Industries, the original builder of the Warhammer, jumped at the chance to redesign and build what is arguably the most famous BattleMech in history. The WHM-8D is the descendent of the venerable Warhammer 6D, but has been given a complete redesign. It retains a weapons loadout similar to that of its forebearer, though mounting extended-range lasers and PPCs instead of the standard versions of those weapons. Replacing the traditional SRM 6 launcher is the new Harpoon Streak 6 launcher. The addition of the C3 module allows this model to work in lances and companies with the new Thanatos and other C3-equipped AFFS 'Mechs. It retains the theoretically maximum-possible armor protection that, when combined with its standard fusion engine and CASE, makes the Warhammer 8D a powerful and tough BattleMech. In fact, to date no complaints about the 8D has yet been forwarded from the field. StarCorps was able to deliver a full production run to each of the four involved Houses by mid-August of 3066, giving these new Warhammers the chance to test their mettle against other new 'Mech designs during the FedCom Civil War. Surprisingly, AFFS and LCAF reports show that every single Warhammer delivered to those two militaries is still in service. As it once did years ago, the Warhammer is again becoming the backbone for many heavy lances within the AFFC, CCAF, FWLM and the LAAF.