Thunderbolt (65t)
Model by Primus

Of all the redesigns, the Thunderbolt was given special attention. The T-Bolt, as it has been affectingly called, served in all the armies of the Inner Sphere at one time or another, making it one of the most versatile BattleMechs ever produced. When Earthwerks had the chance to redesign the 'Mech, they did not stray far from the original's specifications. The design engineers had learned that most pilots felt the Thunderbolt's cockpit needed to be changed. They felt like they were sitting out in front of the machine instead on top. A more opened cockpit was designed and moved to the left torso. This change was to protect the pilot from shrapnel if a Gauss weapon exploded on the arm. The T-Bolt's new body was designed with angled and sloped armor. Finally, the Thunderbolt was equipped with flight stabilizers when it jumped. The first Blake Militia unit to receive the new TDR-9M was the Tenth Division. Three Level IIs were shipped from Keystone to Tinogasta, Argentina on Terra where the Tenth was stationed. The remaining Houses all jumped at the chance to have new Thunderbolts in their BattleMech regiments again.