Ostscout (35t)
Model by Primus

The Ostscout has been the benchmark that manufacturers building new scout 'Mechs have sought for centuries. Speed, maneuverability and advanced electronics ensured the Ostscout's survival long after the fall of the Star League, with many examples still operational and in mint condition. It therefore came to a shock when the Blakists began deploying a newly-constructed redesign of the Ostscout. To make matters worse, the redesign is identical to the variant ComStar is building on Orestes. Like the original, this new design has many of the same operational specifications. The recognized improvement over the original is the integration of fixed sensors across the front and back of the torsos-including the head assembly. The Ostscout is not required to slow down to gather accurate information, a vulnerability of the previous design. The new sensors use side-scanning with look-ahead and phased Doppler and triangulation sensors, allowing it to gather information very quickly. All data is filtered through TRSS's Beagle Active Probe and monitored by a high-speed computer capable of processing terabytes of information in seconds. The inclusion a Guardian ECM suite only improves the Ostscout's mission success potential while the C3i Computer allows better-coordinated fire missions, including the processing of real-time data feeds. Finally, Krupp's Target Acquisition Gear allows the Ostscout to make pinpoint strikes with artillery- and air-delivered guided munitions. At this point, the Com Guards have upgraded nearly fifty percent of the Ostscouts in service. At least three Blakist units in the Chaos March also field this upgraded 'Mech.