Locust (20t)
Model by Primus
Corean Enterprises initially balked at the idea of investing any cash into the Locust program until they received assurances from the Word of Blake that the Militia would purchase the first year's limited production run. After studying the plans of the redesign, they were thoroughly impressed and satisfied with what they saw. The Locust redesign required a few fundamental design changes. The engineers on the R&D team decided that the best attribute of the Locust was its speed and further made the choice to increase the 'Mech's speed by thirty-three percent. They did this by replacing the Magna 160 with the Hermes 240 XL power plant. To take advantage of the new speed, the designers replaced the original LCT-3M's weapons with a loadout of extended range lasers. In doing so, they dropped the Anti-Missile System and CASE, increasing the 'Mech's armor protection to its maximum. True to their word, Blakist officials from the Office of Procurement arrived at the completion of the first production run. The new 'Mechs were shipped in Level II size to each Blakist Division and dispersed, giving each Level III access to at least one new LCT-5M.