Crusader (65t)
Model by Primus

Like the ubiquitous "Missile Boat" of the Succession Wars era, the redesigned Crusader retains the ability to rain missiles upon a target with two arm-mounted Shigunga MRM-30 launchers. The 'Mech scores over the similarly armed CPLT-5K Catapult by mounting two powerful hand actuators to give extra punch in close combat. While the Crusader lacks auxiliary SRM launchers, the MRMs are backed up with four torso-mounted medium lasers, two of which are pulse models. Designed primarily as an in-fighter, the Crusader's performance in this role is enhanced with jump jets, heavy armor and a C3 Slave unit. A CASE protected magazine holds almost a thousand MRMs. While an ammunition explosion will probably disable the Crusader, the MechWarrior's odds of survival are greatly improved and the unit will remain salvageable. The CDR-5K Crusader reached front line units during the close of the Ghost Bear War. Acting as the "point 'Mech" for C3 formations in the Sword of Light and Ryuken, losses were regrettably high. The Ghost Bears' casualties were just as bad, however-earning the CDR-5K respect from both the DCMS and their Clan opponents.