Battlemaster (85t)
Model by Primus

J.B. BattleMechs Inc. began production of the new BattleMaster in the spring of 3062. The first 'Mechs had just begun reaching front-line units when the Civil War erupted, delaying Red Devil's production schedule another two years. Pandora had finally begun production in May of 3064, only to see the Jade Falcons launch a third invasion. The Civil War forced most of the Lyran defenders to relocate off of Pandora when the Falcons arrived in September of 3064. The planet fell in twenty-two days. Completely refurbished, Red Devil was now producing the new BLR-4S; the Falcons accepted the new design into their second-line units.

Source: Technical Readout Project Phoenix
1 Gauss Rifle
2 Small Pulse Laser
4 ER Medium Lasers
2 Medium Lasers
1 Short Range 6 Pack Launcher