Archer (70t)
Model by Primus

Recognized as one of the most successful 'Mechs ever designed, the Archer has been a keystone in every house military since the fall of Star League. Countless thousands were produced for the Star League Army, and though significant numbers were destroyed in the Liberation of Terra and the Succession Wars, some factories continue to produce the Archer even today. Its undisputed claim to fame is its outstanding performance as a superior fire support 'Mech, a role it still fills admirably today, some six centuries after its introduction.
Earthwerks Incorporated is building a newly redesigned Archer for the Word of Blake, at the specific request of Precentor Martial St. Jamais. Many of the Periphery realms, including the Taurian Concordat, are somehow part of this equation, with this new Archer turning up within the militaries of most. Capabilities
Earthwerks' new Archer employs extended-range laser weaponry, including a single Large Laser and a pair of Mediums, and reduces the missiles to LRM 15-racks. Artemis Fire Control systems have been mated to the Delta Dart missile systems, though, increasing their effectiveness nearly to that of the old 20-racks. This new Archer, while still able to inflict nearly the same ranged damage potential, has increased that potential measurably in the short- to medium-range brackets. Though not built as a brawler, the ARC-8M has the armor protection to engage in a close-range slugging match with most 'Mechs. CASE is installed in both torso locations to protect the 'Mech from catastrophic damage resulting from an ammunition hit. Its upper body traversing assembly was completely redesigned to better protect the lower torso and hip actuators. The upper body is also more compact, with sloped armor for better deflection of weapons fire. Finally, its feet were completely redesigned to make the Archer a more stable firing platform as well as to give it better footing when walking or running.

Source: Technical Readout Project Phoenix
2 Delta Dart LRM 15 Missile Packs
1 ER Large Laser
3 ER Medium Lasers