Orion II C (75t)
Model by Primus
As Aleksandr Kerensky's chosen BattleMech, the original Orion held a special place within the Clans, especially Clan Wolf. Out of respect for the Great Father, the Clans maintained the design for several decades despite the invention of newer technologies. Behind the scenes, however, Clan Wolf was designing an updated version. As they saw it, neither of the great Kerenskys who had founded the Clans would have approved of blindly following tradition at the expense of military progress.
The Orion IIC debuted early in the Golden Century, but did not garner much attention when set alongside the OmniMechs that were fast becoming the standard front-line machines. Clan Wolf has jealously guarded the Orion IIC design, defending their exclusive right to it in Trials of Possession and refusing all proposed trades for other technologies despite some generous offers. Like the Kerensky bloodheritages, Clan Wolf sees the Orion IIC as tied to their honor, as the guardians of Kerensky's legacy. Produced before the advent of OmniMechs, the Orion IIC features many of the technological advancements preserved or developed by the Clans. Endo-steel and ferro-fibrous construction materials lighten the design, allowing for a heavier weapons configuration, and double heat sinks allay heat build-up. The IIC design upgrades the original Mech's medium lasers to extended-range large lasers. The Orion IIC is armed with two different large lasers, apparently the result of a design change late in the production cycle in which a pulse laser was upgraded to an extended-range weapon. These two different lasers remained
despite the problems they posed for upkeep because the older Series 6W laser was more in keeping with the original design's architecture. Clan Wolf also exchanged the old Orion's autocannon for a newer Gauss rifle that packed a harder punch,
and upgraded the original 'Mech's missile launchers. Clan Wolf produces the Orion IIC in limited numbers, and uses them to reward officers in second-line Galaxies who are expected to advance soon to front-line units.
This BattleMech is always sent to its recipients with the compliments of Clan Wolf's Khan or saKhan. No officer has ever refused such a gift, even if it meant trading in an assault-class BattleMech, and no Wolf warrior has ever challenged anyone for the right to an Orion IIC. A few Orion IIC BattleMechs traveled to the Inner Sphere with Phelan Kell's Wolves, and remain part of the Clan-Wolf-in-Exile's second-line forces. However, no one seems to have plans to produce this 'Mech, a possible gesture of reconciliation by Phelan Kell toward the Wolf Clan.

Source: Technical Readout 3060
1 Gauss Rifle
1 LRM/20 Launcher
2 ER Large Lasers
1 SRM/4 Launcher