Nova (50t)
Model by Primus
A 'Mech capable of many tasks but excelling at none, the Black Hawk plays a secondary role to heavier and lighter OmniMechs in the Clans' arsenal. Though versatile, powerful and maneuverable, it cannot match the power of heavier 'Mechs or the maneuverability of lighter ones. This 'Mech's versatility is its saving grace. Because it uses neither an endo steel internal structure nor ferro-fibrous armor, it possesses more internal space than some other designs. In addition, the Black Hawk's designers left its arms unencumbered, allowing for great flexibility in designing weapon pods. In its primary configuration, the Black Hawk has an unusual appearance and fearsome capabilities. The weapon pods on its arms boast six medium lasers each, providing exceptional firepower but generating more heat than many 'Mechs can cope with. Only the Black Hawk's fourteen double heat sinks allow the pilot the freedom to use all of his laser weapons.
In its most common variation, Alternate Configuration A, the Black Hawk carries an extended range particle projection cannon in each arm. This model usually carries a medium pulse laser in its left torso.
Alternate Configuration B reflects most MechWarriors' desire for a variety of weapons. This model combines the firepower of a large pulse laser with an Ultra-5 autocannon. It carries two machine guns in the left torso, plus 200 rounds of ammunition. The Black Hawk is deployed thinly but evenly throughout the Clans. It was first spotted with a Clan Wolf attack force, and it is slightly more common among the Wolf Clan than among others. Few Clan Clusters have more than one or two Black Hawks in their ranks.