Nexus (25t)
Model by Primus BuS
The Nexus has a checkered past. It began as the Jackrabbit, a light 'Mech mass-produced for Amaris the Usurper’s Republican army. After the liberation of Terra by Star League Defense Forces, the factory was shut down, and ComStar kept it closed for several centuries. In 3054, ComStar's Precentor Martial Focht modified the Jackrabbit's design, replacing the engine with the faster Nissan 175, removing the ballistic and missle weapons, and installing jump jets and an array of energy weapons. The BattleMech, newly refitted and renamed Nexus, soon began production. The Nexus is a fast mover that can reach a target, deliver a solid punch and get out quickly. Its speed and its highly effective anti-missle system makes it difficult to hit, and its jump jets make it difficult to pursue. The 'Mech's main slugging power, however, comes from medium pulse lasers that have replaced the Jackrabbit's hand actuators. Since mid-3055 the Nexus has been deployed in the ComStar Fourth Army's 366th Division (Wolf Bait). The 366th Division, decimated by Clan Wolf hit-and-run raids on Tukayyid, used large numbers of Nexuses to replace their losses. The Nexus is expected to live up to every word of the 366th Division's promising initial reports.