Men Shen (55t)
Model by Primus BuS

The first Capellan produced OmniMech, the Men Shen is based on the successful Raven design. Hellespont Industries, which also produces the Raven, acquired the necessary technology through trade agreements with Kali Yama Weapons Industries of the Free Worlds League. The Men Shen also relies heavily on advanced sensor and ECM technologies. The 'Mech was named by Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao in a speech at the 'Mech's unveiling, when he said that "this new OmniMech will act as a men shen for the Confederation, protecting us from all enemies." Men Shen are door gods from ancient China who are said to protect houses from evil. With its fast speed and Beagle active probe, the Men Shen makes a perfect scout, though its considerable firepower and solid armor protection also allow it to hold its own in a stand-up fight. Four medium pulse lasers and an LRM-15, augmented by the Artemis IV fire-control system, make the primary configuration of the Men Shen a dangerous opponent at all ranges.