Longbow (85t)
Model by Primus
Introduced in 2610, the 7Q Longbow was designed to cure some of the problems in the original 0W Longbow, such as the lack of sufficient heat sinks, the lack of short-range weapons, and insufficient armor protection. The 7Q is still produced along with a few 0W models at StarCorps' three remaining BattleMech factories in the Free Worlds League. The 7Q Longbow's 255 fusion engine is a vast improvement over the original Longbow's huge VOX 340 engine. Lighter and more efficient, the new fusion engine gives the 7Q Longbow a slightly faster top speed while enabling the 'Mech to carry three tons of additional armor spread across the three front torsos, the arms, and the legs. The 7Q Longbow is fitted with 2 Holly LRM-20 Missle Racks
and 2 Delta Dart LRM-5 Missle Racks. Twenty-two heat sinks allow it to keep up with advancing 'Mech forces and still deliver deadly missile fire. Two medium lasers give the 7Q Longbow short range fighting ability; as the 'Mech was never intended for front-line duty, the designers felt that these short-range weapons were sufficient. The 7Q shares with its 0W model predecessor an antiaircraft targeting and tracking system widely considered to be one of the best in the Inner Sphere. NOTE: This is the later version of the Longbow. The retired original was based on the Rifleman/Warhammer-chassis.