Locust (20t)
Model by Ron Perovich & Primus
The Locust was one of the most produced and common BattleMechs of the fallen Star League. Bergan Industries began production of the 'Mech at eight of their facilities in 2499, and was still in peak production when the Star League fell several years later. Several variants of the 'Mech have been produced and modified over the years, creating quite distinct versions. All modifications involve upgrading the Locust's firepower. The Locust was originally designed as a light and fast recon vehicle, a role it has fulfilled well for both the old Star League and the later Successor States. Lightly armed and very mobile, it offers fast recon ability as well as quick strike capability. The Locust of 3025 retains these features, but in many cases also acts as a frontline 'Mech. The variant on display here swaps the machine guns for SRM launchers.

Source: Technical Readout 3025
1 Medium Laser
2 Machine Guns