Legacy (80t)
Model by Primus

When Skobel MechWorks finished the testing stage of the Vanquisher, their design team moved quickly along to a new project. The Word of Blake Precentor Martial St. Jamais wanted an assault 'Mech designed to showcase the abilities of both the Ultra 10 series of autocannon and the new C3i computer system. The Skobel team set to work immediately. They proposed design after design, none of which met the Precentor Martial's high standards. Finally, the team looked to successful assault 'Mechs of the past for guidance. What they found was the Rising Star, a 'Mech produced in low numbers during the first Star League and discontinued
because it did not fare well. The Skobel designers saw immediately what the problem with the old design had been--it had been outfitted with a targeting system that had later been proven faulty. They saw a rebirth for the 'Mech with a new targeting system and a C3i computer. Simulations proved them right. Replacing the old design's standard autocannon with two Ultra autocannon completed the change, and the Rising Star walked off the production lines again, now known as the Legacy.

Built around the original plans for the Rising Star, the Legacy inherited that 'Mech's standard fusion engine and heavy armor protection. With CASE protecting the delicate internal areas and the pilot from ammunition explosion, the Legacy
is a tough scrapper, able to withstand large amounts of damage and still deliver its payload accurately. Though slow, with a maximum speed of just over 50 kilometers per hour, the assault 'Mech also boasts jump jets, giving it the mobility needed
to easily traverse mountainous terrain, forested areas or even city streets. The Legacy's main weapons are its two Mydron Excel Ultra autocannon, which spew out slugs at a prodigious rate and are remarkably accurate, thanks to targeting information
fed through the C3i system. Backing the twin autocannons up are several lasers and a Streak SRM-4 system, though these have been found to be insufficient if both autocannons jam. Should that occur, Legacy pilots are instructed to retreat from the battlefield until the autocannons can be cleared, rather than try to fight with only the backup weaponry.

Legacies have been assigned to every division of the Word of Blake Militia, though First and Sixth Divisions have received the lion's share of the new 'Mechs.

Source: Technical Readout 3067
2 Ultra Type 10 Autocannon
2 ER Medium Lasers
1 ER Small Laser
1 Streak 4 SRM Launcher