Kraken (100t)
Model by Primus

This is the heaviest design of the new Clan 'Mechs and appears to be an intermediate stage between the old Star League 'Mechs and the current generation of OmniMechs.
The primary weapons are mounted in the arms, with the ammunition supply stored in the left and right torsos, which are equipped with CASE. Because the 'Mech carries an XL fusion engine, an ammunition explosion in a torso location will do considerable damage to the machine.
The designers attempted to reduce the cumulative recoil effects of firing multiple autocannon by incorporating a complex baffle and pressure counterflow system, which vents exhaust gases in such a way as to actually increase the 'Mech's stability when firing, into each arm. They also took care of the problem of mainframe strain with an ingenious arm-linkage design.
So far, this 'Mech appears only in small numbers on Jade Falcon-held worlds. However, so many variants exist that we surmise they are either short-run prototypes or are being customized for reasons known only to the Steel Viper Khans.

Source: Technical Readout 3055
4 Machine Guns
10 Ultra-2 Autocannons