Kintaro (55t)
Model by Primus

The Starleague-era Kintaro is a rare example of a 'Mech designed around a weapons system, the Narc Missile Beacon. The 'Mech was to incorporate the Narc system, with ample firepower to take advantage of any hit achieved by the Narc pods. The ’Mech would be mainly an offensive weapon, able to work with a variety of other 'Mechs, but also required to carry maximum armor. The primary mission of the new 'Mech was to deliver the Narc pods to the target and let its lancemates provide the punishment. In 2587, the Quartermaster Command approved the General Mechanics Kintaro design.

Rarely has the introduction of a single weapon system caused as much stir as the unveiling of the Narc Missile Beacon. Introduced in 2587, the Narc and the Kintaro were a matched set. The Narc system was a radically new way to activate a missile's target-acquisition computer. Special missiles, called pods, were fitted with powerful homing beacons behind a magnetic head. If a hit was achieved, the Narc Pod would emit a clear homing signal for all Narc-equipped missile systems in the area. Target lock-on was virtually guaranteed with the Narc in place.

Primarily a missile-carrier, the Kintaro packs a considerable punch. It is not a raider, however. Though it carries ample supplies for a single engagement, it is almost constantly in need of resupply. As any fight wears on, the effectiveness of the Kintaro decreases geometrically. Once the Narc Pods are gone, the Kintaro usually begins to look for a way out of the fighting.

Source: Technical Readout 2750
1 Narc Missile Beacon
1 LRM-5
2 SRM-6
2 Medium Lasers