Jenner (35t)
Model by Peer Risch
Edited by Primus BuS
The Jenner is a relatively modern design, first constructed in 2784 by Diplan Mechyards of Ozawa under contract to House Kurita. It was designed as a fast, hit-and-run guerrilla fighter. With a maximum speed of 118.8 kilometers per hour and a jump capacity of 150 meters, it was hoped that this 'Mech would form the foundation for a new, highly mobile lance. Among the fastest 'Mechs around, the Jenner packs good firepower at close range: 4 medium laser and a srm-4. Its optimum range is 30 to 90 meters, and its speed and jump capability make it hard to hit. The Jenner can move in quickly, make its attack and retreat before it can be seriously damaged. In 2823, production of Jenners resumed on Ozawa. By 2840, the Federated Suns and the Lyran Commonwealth both had a number of operational Jenners. By 2845, the Jenner was used by all of the Successor States, although it continues to be primarily a Kurita 'Mech.