Icestorm (25t)
Model by Primus BuS
Before the development of the Fire Moth OmniMech and other light recon designs, the Icestorm was the 'Mech of choice for scout Stars. Its fast speed and sophisticated communications and targeting gear suit the Icestorm to this role. Based on a late-model Star League design known as the Cameroon, all prototypes and early models of what would become the Icestorm joined the Exodus fleet. When Clan Ice Hellion was formed, Kerensky assigned that Clan the lion's share of the remaining Cameroons. Recognizing it as a viable design, Khan Stephan Cage re-christened the ’Mech the Icestorm, ordered a build-up of the design and put it to good use in the following decades. The 'Mech remained popular among recon and support Stars even after the development of the OmniMech, and the Icestorm was one of the last Hellion 'Mechs to be replaced by the modular units. The Icestorm is an exceptionally fast ’Mech. This ’Mech's offensive armament weighs in rather light for a ’Mech of this tonnage, though its extended-range medium laser and short-range missile launcher adequately support its role as a scout and spotter. Because it still serves a unique role, the Icestorm continues to have a working life nearly two centuries after its creation. Its exemplary track record makes it one of the few second-line 'Mechs that front-line units tolerate having in their ranks.