Hussar (30t)
Model by Gordon Hundeby
Edited by Primus

The HSR 200-D Hussar was one of the most widely used light 'Mechs in the Star League Defense Forces. With a maximum speed of 151 kph, the Hussar is a difficult target to hit in a one-on-one fight. Its paper thin armor, however, made it extremely vulnerable to enemy fire. Originally intended to provide fire support for infantry units, the Hussar proved useful as a support 'Mech for light units and so was often deployed in the company of the Thorn.
Historically, the Hussar earned fame for its success in skirting enemy lines and monitoring enemy troop movements. The Hussar's Ranger communications system is above average, with extended-range capabilities for surveillance missions as well as the ability to jam most communication channels. Several well-placed Hussars behind enemy lines can completely disrupt the giving of orders and deployment of enemy troops. A Hussar can tap into transmissions between enemy BattleMechs 35 kilometers away from it. As with most Star League-era lostech, the serviceability of this system depends on the skills of the technician maintaining the BattleMech. However, this system has stood the test of time better than most other advanced electronics, and reliable estimates indicate that 25 percent of all operational Hussars still have a fully functional Ranger system.

Source: Technical Readout 2750
1 Large Laser