Hunchback II C (50t)
Model by Primus
The Hunchback IIC is a reworking of the venerable Star League-era HBK-2, a basic design that has remained largely unchanged since its inception. Initial hardware assessments of this new version observed among the Clan forces suggest that Clan technicians incorporated into this machine more compact and technologically sophisticated components, allowing the installation of two rapid-fire autocannons rather than a single AC-20. The higher tech also allows room for the installation of jump jets, which greatly enhance the Hunchback's effectiveness as an urban and woodland fighter. The Hunchback IIC serves in the front lines of nearly all the invading Clans. Reports indicate that Hunchback pilots attached to front-line units seem to fight with a desperate ferocity unique even among the Clans, evidence that supports the idea that the Hunchback IIC is a last-chance 'Mech for Clan pilots.