Highlander (90t)
Model by Primus BuS
The Highlander was originally introduced in 2592 as a dedicated city/installation defender. Its wide range of weapons and powerful jump jets enabled it to cover virtually any contingency for fighting in a typical Inner Sphere city with low buildings, winding streets and dead-end alleyways. Though the Highlander's massive HildCo jump jets were designed to lift the BattleMech over inconveniently placed buildings, initial combat trials showed that Highlander pilots often used them to execute the popular death-from-above maneuver. The engineers re-designed the structure and armor of the lower legs and switched to sturdy Lang composite armor so that the Highlander's actuators could withstand the repeated stress caused by this devastating maneuver. Over the years, a Highlander's death-from-above attack became known as a "Highlander burial."