Hermes (30t)
Model by Primus
The Hermes was designed as a heavy scout for the Star League Defense Forces. Commissioned in 2632, the 'Mech was delivered in record time. The Hermes design called for a 'Mech as fast as any then in service. The end product greatly exceeded initial expectations, but only at the cost of extremely weak firepower. The high cruising speed was seen as desirable, but the lack of significant firepower made the 'Mech unpopular. Scout pilots could not get used to a 30-ton'Mech with only two medium-range weapons. As a result, the Hermes saw service for nineteen years, after which time the 'Mech was taken out of active service, put into storage and the manufacturing line shut down.
The Succession Wars brought the Hermes out of storage and sent it back into combat. 'Mechs were at a premium, and even an unpopular design such as the Hermes gained renewed value. By 2798, Irian elected to reopen the Hermes manufacturing line, upgrading the design to the Hermes II by 10 tons, using less advanced components. As the wars slowly ground on, techs replaced the advanced composite armor featured on the the original with inferior quality plate. Like most 'Mechs of Star League lineage, the few surviving Hermes are a patchwork of bits and pieces, the serial number plate remaining as the only original part.