Hellion (30t)
Model by Primus

The Hellion is the direct result of Clan Ice Hellion's philosophy of swift warfare. Using a heavier version of the Mist Lynx chassis, the Ice Hellions have created an effective blend of speed, armor and firepower. A fast and capable fighter, the Hellion can enter a battlefield, approach and strike a target before being touched.

The Hellion was designed to balance speed and firepower on the battlefield. Though slower than heavier models such as the Ice Ferret and Viper, it supports more pod space than either of them. The 'Mech can also outpace lighter models that can mount a larger weapons array, especially when its myomer acceleration signal
circuitry (MASC) is engaged. With both long-and short-range punch, the primary configuration can hold its own on any ground. The four medium lasers and trio of Streak 2-packs also make it a potent headhunter 'Mech. Responding to the diversity of Inner Sphere tactics, Ice Hellion commanders designed the Alpha variant to function as a mobile harassment platform. Its three LRM 10-packs become devastating
when paired with Narc-equipped Mechs. Paying little heed to safety, the Hellion B has been outfitted with as many heavy lasers as possible to provide a knock-out punch to enemy 'Mechs. Though additional heat sinks were added, a pilot who fires all of his heavy lasers at once will have more to worry about than a little static
across his monitors. Far more heat-efficient and just as deadly is the Hellion C, combining one of Clan Coyote's ATM systems with a battery of lasers tied into a targeting computer. This new variant is already a highly regarded headhunter.

Source: Technical Readout 3067
11,5 tons of pod space availible