Hankyu (30t)
Model by Primus
The Hankyu, or "Short Bow," made its first appearance in the Inner Sphere during the Battle of Luthien. Apparently the Smoke Jaguars' attempt to create a fast scout 'Mech, the Hankyu has somewhat lighter armor than that of comparable Inner Sphere designs, but its speed makes it a difficult target to hit. The Hankyu's several different configurations enable it to carry a wide variety of weapons and electronics. All variants carry an anti-infantry flamer.
In its primary configuration the Hankyu mounts an LRM-5 pack on each arm. CASE-protected storage bins in the machine's torso hold ammunition for these weapons. Extended-range medium lasers in each wrist and the standard flamer complete the weapons array.
In addition to its impressive firepower, the primary configuration also boasts an active probe system, target acquisition gear, and a full ECM suite.
Alternate configuration A replaces the long-range missile systems with Streak SRM-6 packs. A single, small pulse laser provides precision fire and the flamer completes the weapon load in this close-combat version.
Alternate configuration B boasts a diverse mix of long- and short-range weapons. A multibarrel LB 2-X autocannon sprouts from the machine's right hand backed up by the flared muzzle of the standard flamer. A pair of medium lasers hangs below the left wrist.
Alternate configuration C modifies the Hankyu for extended scouting missions. This configuration features two extended-range medium lasers in each wrist, and a medium pulse laser in both the right and left torso. The left torso also houses the standard flamer. An active probe allows the pilot to spot hidden or shutdown 'Mechs at a safe distance.