Ha Otoko (65t)
Model by Primus

Clan Diamond Shark has been very quiet about its newest second-line 'Mech, the Ha Otoko. The warriors of most other Clans prefer to reserve judgment on the design, though the merchant castes of several Clans already have expressed grave misgivings about the intended use of the 'Mech.
On the surface, the Ha Otoko follows typical Clan design conventions for a second-line BattleMech. It uses no upgraded technologies, making it cost-effective and durable, and allowing easy logistical support in the field. Because it lacks double heat sinks, its weapons array is planned around a high heat curve. The machine is well-armored and carries enough ammunition to participate in extended operations.
The merchant caste of Clan Jade Falcon first raised concerns about Diamond Shark's intent with this BattleMech. They pointed to the oriental influence in the BattleMech's physical lines and the Japanese name, neither of which is typical of the Clans. (Ha Otoko translates very roughly as the Bladed Man, possibly referring to the knife-blade architecture of the BattleMech's armor.) Finally, the Ha Otoko would fit the Inner Sphere style of combat very well, working as a missile support 'Mech within a lance. Though the Falcon merchants have not levied a formal charge, it seems clear that they suspect Clan Diamond Shark of planning to sell this design within the Inner Sphere.

Source: Technical Readout 3060
2 LRM-20
2 LRM-10